Laws & Technology

I have nothing to hide... I'm sure many of you have heard about the EARN IT Act and the LAED Act before. I know I have, but what I haven't heard much about is what can we do about it?  Now if this is your first time hearing about this, there's a little you should know. Lindsey Graham a Senator for South Carolina, which for the uninitiated has said that he thinks " Congress might need to explore the need to limit some forms of freedom of speech " (Source) or after it was revealed that the NSA was conducting Global Surveillance said he was " glad " (Source) the NSA was collecting phone records of Americas, has proposed both the EARN IT and LAED Act. Which put very, very simply, if we take into account the Internet Societies opinion of " Effective encryption is key to secure online communications for everything... a foundational component upon which a trustworthy Internet is built " (Source) , would ruin that for everyone. These new bills ap

Pi-hole in the Tasktray & The Windows Store

Hey everybody, first time posting here, hope its a good read.  But the other day I was wanting to help contribute to ecosystem of Pi-hole monitoring tools, and to be able to get an app onto the Microsoft Store. Now as you may have already assumed this was very largely fueled by  a Web 2.0 childlike wonder in the capabilities of API's. But regardless with some excitement I got to work. Now I have never before built a Windows Desktop Application and had a lot to figure out, mainly the API's that are needed and the entirety of the C# language.  Which for both of those big thanks to the Team at Microsoft for the expansive documentation they have for this information and to the team at Code Project . Their help was very valuable during this project. To Preface the examples shown for this project are meant to be a more High-Level overview on how the project was created, rather than a step by step guide to it. The first challenge to building this app was having it exist only within t